Let’s use “Draft Paper”


On weekends, I found that it was difficult to use the draft paper because it was not easy to erase the lines what I drew.

What should I do? I don’t want to use the draft paper like that any more.

Hmm… Let me think about it… Oh! I can use my iPad!

Soon, I found a software, it’s called “Bamboo Paper”. It’s fantastic! I can draw or erase anything on it easily!

Apart from this feature, I can choose different kinds of colors of the pencil, I can take notes on it…

As soon as I had published a mood about it, someone replied me. She said,  “How advanced it is!”. I think so.

Yes, it can make us use less paper and make less pollution. It’s a kind of Green Lifestyles.

However, some students may use their iPad to play games or surf the Internet while they’re doing homework. It’s not recommended.

Let’s use the “Draft Paper” now!