YP, a strange boy you’ll never forget

Yes, YP is my deskmate, a eggache and amusing deskmate. He always sleeps in boring classes such as Chinese classes. He isn’t very lucky and is always discovered by the teachers. With a strange smile, the teacher knocks his small head. Orz. 

What a sleepy monster he is! 

However, his IQ is very very very very high. As long as he want, he can get the best score on math and science exams (But the most of time, he doesn’t want the best). Once upon a time, his science grades were much higher than mine… Although I tried my best to finish that exam… [Scared]

Recently, he just got “bad” because of me… I told him too much about GF including Gayfriend and girlfriend and he “answered the call”. He told me his “black history”, such as he used to have two good girl friends (NOT GIRLFRIENDS, YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS) but one of them called him “black nickname” and YP stopped responding and fought with her. The other liked another boy and stopped getting on well with YP… ORZ

So YP doesn’t want any girl friend anymore… 

So he became a gay… =_=

You know, XRH told me a strange song called “Everyone Is Gay” and I shared it with YP… The following day, he ………….

Although he is very naughty, our master teacher, Mrs. Li, loves him [so strange]. The teacher often gives him some snacks such as biscuits and touch his face and head softly. I don’t know why. Some other naughty students aren’t treated so kindly by the teacher. Maybe the reason is that YP looks very cute and obedient… 

Now, he is looking back to the classmates behind me. They are just getting started and talking to each other happily. YP says, “Look! They are adjusting their emotions! ” “HHHHHHHHH”

However I can’t find some proper photos of him temporarily…. 23333

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