Some thoughts of the CrazyCoding Union

Union activities:

  1. “Reading Books”: Reading something fun… such as The World Is Flat. This made a difference to my opinion…
  2. “Hi, New Teacher”: In our union, almost every member has a “teacher”. In fact, this “teacher” is another union member who learns better than the “student”: By this way, we will be better, together.
  3. “Producing New Problems”:  Any of us can “produce” problems for “weekly tests”. On weekly tests, we can get something fun from the problems.
  4. “Weekly Tests”: Almost every week, we have to take some “small” tests. If we don’t pass the tests, we have to take them again… Until we AK them.
  5. “Solution Sharing”: After the tests, there are always somebody sharing their solutions. By doing this action, we can learn about the different solutions to each problem.
  6. So fun…

Above all, I think… the union will get better… (w)

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