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Today, I went to an after-school class. I saw a student wear the uniform of Hangzhou Foreign Language School. And I saw some photos of Spring Trip in the HZFLS. It reminded me of an exam, an important exam.

When I was a school pupil, the primary school asked some of the students to join the exam in order to choose the one who has a chance to enter Hangzhou Foreign Language School. Yes, there was only one “lucky” person.

My dad knew that and said in order to encourage me, “If you get the chance, you will get a Microsoft(R) Surface Pro.” I was full of power. But the “hardware” limited me. My grades weren’t good at that time except math.

While I was solving problems in the exam, as I expected, I found they were too difficult for me, I could answer only half of them… One of the math problems were strange, at first I answered it correctly, but soon I didn’t think that was right, so I cut it out. As soon as I finished doing that problem, the teacher asked us to hand the papers. I handed them with my trembling hands.

I left the exam room with disappointment, I tried not to think about it.

I remembered the problem clearly, it was



Day after day, the results came out. The “luck person” (The 1st student in this exam) told me, “You are the 2nd. And if you could answer one of these problems more. You would get my chance, the chance to HZFLS. ”

Oops, if I didn’t cut the answer to that math problem, I would….

Surface flied away.

The chance flied away.

The Dream flied away.


So, I entered Jianlan Middle School instead of HZFLS.


Nowadays, I didn’t get good grades in my middle school, but I was addicted to making UAVs[1], so my parents got angry. As soon as I finished my daily homework, they wanted me to do extra “homework”. My dad said, “If you entered HZFLS, you would be always allowed to making them… But… You will join the high-school-enterence exam… You have to learn hard…”

So… WTF… Why did I cut that answer out. It changed my life. How silly I was!


However, in some ways, I was the lucky one.

I am able to have some close friends in my current school.

I am able to see that lucky student enjoy the life in HZFLS.

I am able to enjoy something special in JL.

I am able to…

I should treasure what I have.

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