How to set up a VPN connection




网络和 Internet –>

网络和共享中心 ->

设置新的连接或网络 ->

连接到工作区 ->

使用我的 Internet 连接(VPN

然后输入 Internet 地址(与帐户信息。


How to setup:

Open “Control Panel”.
Click the following button in order.

Network and Internet ->
Network and Sharing Center ->
Set up a new connection or network ->
Connect to a workplace ->
Use my Internet connection (VPN)

Then enter the account information.
Hope you will succeed 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to set up a VPN connection

    • Peter says:

      It’s winter holiday… But did you read the last sentence: this account only works via the network in Jianlan Middle School……. Because of the IP limit..

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