What happened with the locks?


Today, our teacher “Lily” taught use a good lesson about parents.

“Did the lock of your room has been destroyed by your parents? In this summer holiday, I went to many students’ home. Some students’ locks were destroyed. Why? Let me tell you.”

“One day, someone was staying at his room and reading a comic book secretly. He locked his room’s door. His parents didn’t allow him to read it. Soon, the parents found him reading the comic book and got very angry. They wanted to stop him. They tried to get into his room. But it failed. The door was locked. They got more angry and broke the lock. At last, the parents won, but their relationship is even worse than before.”

“My parents did the same thing. As soon as the door had been hit by my parents, it fell down. I was very scared. After that, they had to knocked in 100 nails. And the door is not as good as before. ” LWQ said.

“So our parents should not get very angry when their children did something wrong. They should be calm to prevent the accidents from occuring such as the child leaving the home. However, we also have to be calm, too. We are one.” I thought.

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