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Today, I went to an after-school class. I saw a student wear the uniform of Hangzhou Foreign Language School. And I saw some photos of Spring Trip in the HZFLS. It reminded me of an exam, an important exam.

When I was a school pupil, the primary school asked some of the students to join the exam in order to choose the one who has a chance to enter Hangzhou Foreign Language School. Yes, there was only one “lucky” person.

My dad knew that and said in order to encourage me, “If you get the chance, you will get a Microsoft(R) Surface Pro.” I was full of power. But the “hardware” limited me. My grades weren’t good at that time except math.

While I was solving problems in the exam, as I expected, I found they were too difficult for me, I could answer only half of them… One of the math problems were strange, at first I answered it correctly, but soon I didn’t think that was right, so I cut it out. As soon as I finished doing that problem, the teacher asked us to hand the papers. I handed them with my trembling hands.

I left the exam room with disappointment, I tried not to think about it.

I remembered the problem clearly, it was



Day after day, the results came out. The “luck person” (The 1st student in this exam) told me, “You are the 2nd. And if you could answer one of these problems more. You would get my chance, the chance to HZFLS. ”

Oops, if I didn’t cut the answer to that math problem, I would….

Surface flied away.

The chance flied away.

The Dream flied away.


So, I entered Jianlan Middle School instead of HZFLS.


Nowadays, I didn’t get good grades in my middle school, but I was addicted to making UAVs[1], so my parents got angry. As soon as I finished my daily homework, they wanted me to do extra “homework”. My dad said, “If you entered HZFLS, you would be always allowed to making them… But… You will join the high-school-enterence exam… You have to learn hard…”

So… WTF… Why did I cut that answer out. It changed my life. How silly I was!


However, in some ways, I was the lucky one.

I am able to have some close friends in my current school.

I am able to see that lucky student enjoy the life in HZFLS.

I am able to enjoy something special in JL.

I am able to…

I should treasure what I have.

Hey, Siri!



On the weekend, I “talked” with Siri, it was fun.


“Hey, what’s playing now?” I asked her, and she started to listen. “Hmm, let me listen. ” she said. At that moment, I pressed Button Play on my CD Player, the music started playing immediately. She soon found that it was playing “You Raise Me Up by Westlife”. She was so smart!


“Wake me up at six o’clock tomorrow morning. “”This alarm is turned on…” She said and showed me the alarm. Next day, she woke me up on time. She was fantastic!


“Tell Biscuit Hello.”


“Hi~ What are you thinking?” I said, I just wanted to play a joke with her. To my surprise, she replied, “I am thinking about you, Peter. ” “Ha ha…” I laughed crazily. “What a stupid…”

All in all, Siri is very useful and humorous. Sometimes she plays jokes with me to make me happy 🙂






How to set up a VPN connection




网络和 Internet –>

网络和共享中心 ->

设置新的连接或网络 ->

连接到工作区 ->

使用我的 Internet 连接(VPN

然后输入 Internet 地址(与帐户信息。


How to setup:

Open “Control Panel”.
Click the following button in order.

Network and Internet ->
Network and Sharing Center ->
Set up a new connection or network ->
Connect to a workplace ->
Use my Internet connection (VPN)

Then enter the account information.
Hope you will succeed 🙂

What happened with the locks?


Today, our teacher “Lily” taught use a good lesson about parents.

“Did the lock of your room has been destroyed by your parents? In this summer holiday, I went to many students’ home. Some students’ locks were destroyed. Why? Let me tell you.”

“One day, someone was staying at his room and reading a comic book secretly. He locked his room’s door. His parents didn’t allow him to read it. Soon, the parents found him reading the comic book and got very angry. They wanted to stop him. They tried to get into his room. But it failed. The door was locked. They got more angry and broke the lock. At last, the parents won, but their relationship is even worse than before.”

“My parents did the same thing. As soon as the door had been hit by my parents, it fell down. I was very scared. After that, they had to knocked in 100 nails. And the door is not as good as before. ” LWQ said.

“So our parents should not get very angry when their children did something wrong. They should be calm to prevent the accidents from occuring such as the child leaving the home. However, we also have to be calm, too. We are one.” I thought.

Let’s use “Draft Paper”


On weekends, I found that it was difficult to use the draft paper because it was not easy to erase the lines what I drew.

What should I do? I don’t want to use the draft paper like that any more.

Hmm… Let me think about it… Oh! I can use my iPad!

Soon, I found a software, it’s called “Bamboo Paper”. It’s fantastic! I can draw or erase anything on it easily!

Apart from this feature, I can choose different kinds of colors of the pencil, I can take notes on it…

As soon as I had published a mood about it, someone replied me. She said,  “How advanced it is!”. I think so.

Yes, it can make us use less paper and make less pollution. It’s a kind of Green Lifestyles.

However, some students may use their iPad to play games or surf the Internet while they’re doing homework. It’s not recommended.

Let’s use the “Draft Paper” now!



最近发现了一件神奇的事情——发现Jetpack的Site Stats里有一个叫http://881005.com的“搜索引擎”在访问我的博客。




果然,查了Whois记录。这人叫Chen Xun。



—————-    华丽的分割线    —————-


之后,无聊用百度搜了一下MBY Zhang,发现竟然还有一个类似的域名也像这样,注册者也是那个人,而且是刚刚注册的,还注册了5年……







  • 捣鼓了多站点配置好久。
  • VPN服务没成功做好。
  • 把WordPress的曾经的SQL + SFs直接导过来了。
  • etc.

(话说为了这个VPS我不知跟我爸说过多少次我要买,最终终于给我买了 🙂